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Pmod™ ESP32: Wireless Communication Module

Release on : Jun 26, 2018

Image of Digilent's Pmod ESP32: Wireless Communication ModuleThe Digilent Pmod ESP32 provides an easy and cost-effective way to add wireless communication to any host platform or project. It uses the fully certified ESP-WROOM-32 Wi-Fi + BLE + BT module from Espressif Systems. It is suitable for a wide variety of applications from sensor networks to more demanding tasks such as music streaming. The Pmod form factor is perfect for quickly turning a board into a powerful IoT platform using the pre-loaded command firmware, or for evaluating the ESP32 radio itself. The ESP-WROOM-32 can be used successfully as a peripheral or as a standalone device. It only requires writing UART or SPI commands using the AT command firmware to interact with the chip. This ease-of-use makes the Pmod ESP32 one of the quickest ways to add wireless functionality to a design.

This product was designed in collaboration with Renesas Synergy and is supported in the Renesas Synergy Platform.

Video Pmod ESP32 Introduction 


  • Expressif ESP-WROOM-32
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, and Bluetooth communication available
  • 20.5 dBm output power at the antenna
  • User switch for toggling between UART and SPI communication
  • User button for resetting the processor after a mode switch
  • Low power sleep mode for battery powered applications
  • 12-pin Pmod connector with SPI and UART interfaces
  • Follows Digilent Pmod interface specification types 2A and 3A
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Low-power sensor networks
  •  Music streaming